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GIPHY: 101 animated images from which to take creative inspiration

Facebook buys GIPHY for $ 400 million, the largest Gif engine with over 1 billion content. GIPHY will be part of the Instagram team to strengthen the platform in conveying content in gif format.

Over 700 million users and 10 billion Gifs served daily on GIPHY. It is interesting to find out that over 70 million visitors come from Facebook apps every month, 50% from Instagram.

The strength of GIPHY has been its continuous innovation, just look at the editor to build gifs or the integration of mini arcade games in gif format.

Today, even more, managing the world of GIFs for brands becomes strategic. From Instagram Stories to instant messaging platforms, the GIF format becomes a very significant format.

The Social Creative Awards team has collected a number of best GIFs to extend creative inspiration for your team. Enjoy!

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